I'm a self-taught, light-loving, nomadic brand & lifestyle photographer. But I'm mostly based between the UK and Europe. My work is inspired by the elements, movement, textures, minimalism, golden sunsets and moments in-between. 

Sometimes it's just a glance, a shimmer of light, or the way someone gestures a certain way. It's the small things that catch my eye.

My photography is incredibly intentional, but natural. Moments can't be forced. I want the images we capture to create a feeling, be aesthetically led and represent your brand identity.

I'm sté, photographer & world traveller, capturing beautiful humans worldwide

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I work with minimalist, modern and aesthetically-driven brands in creating unified, compelling and consistent visual imagery for campaigns, new product launches and social media and marketing content. I work closely and collaboratively with brands to ensure the images we create look, feel and represent your brand.

My commercial & product photography services are bespoke to client's needs. These can be on-location or remote.






"Sté is incredible at what she does. She has an amazing ability to make you feel completely comfortable. She is one of these lovely souls in life that make you feel completely safe and non-judged. She is so creative and really sees you for what you are. The photos she produced met my needs and more!

octavia // women's business coach

client love

"Sté absolutely blew me away with her creativity, understanding, and her ability to ground my vision into real life! She creates such a safe container to express yourself in throughout the shoot, I felt totally at ease as Steph directed the shoot seamlessly. She gives you so much brilliant guidance and wisdom along the creative process. Just blown away at every step, I can't wait to launch these images!"

ALICE MCCREADY // holistic health 

client love

"I can't recommend Sté enough. From the moment I saw her work I fell in love with her photography and style, and it was an easy choice to work with her for my own brand photoshoot. I can't believe how at ease she made me feel on the day of the shoot. She works closely with you leading up to the day to make sure you're clear on your vision, and then delivers THE most beautiful images!"

emma brash // wellness expert

client love

"Sté was so supportive through the whole process, which was incredible. The guidance she gave me in the run up to the photoshoot helped me capture everything I was hoping for. This was the thing that stood out the most, your expertise, your experience and your guidance, as without it I wouldn’t have had the results I had hoped for. I am so happy with my images, they looked even better than my vision board! "

jess hayes // women's coach

client love

"Sté goes above and beyond what I’ve ever experienced when working with a photographer before. She truly has an eye for her craft and gives so much time and devotion to giving you a gallery that captures you and your brand in the most beautiful way. Throughout the shoot she was so fun to work with — patient, funny, held me through any wobbles of self doubt, and held that vision for me."

lydia rose // women's coach

client love

"Sté is so warm, friendly and truly hilarious that she made me feel completely comfortable within minutes. She has a true passion for what she does and it shines through in her work, my shoot was much fun and the photos were more than I could have hoped for. Exceeded my expectations from start to finish, truly listening to my needs and what I wanted to create."

vicky durling // yoga teacher

client love


We'll work together to ensure everything flows smoothy, within, and if permitting, beyond of the brief. More often than not, ideas emerge throughout the shoot and when there is space, I like to follow intuition. Once the shoot is done, we'll move into post production and I'll edit the images into a final collection.

003 creation + realisation

When the vision is clear, we move onto piecing together the key elements of the shoot: the location, the props, the wardrobe, the lighting -- everything that encompasses the the concept of the shoot.

002 planning + prEPARATION

Determining the intention of the shoot is key to how the story needs to unfold. I take time to understand your needs and the purpose of the shoot. We then work together to bring together the concept and storylines for the shoot.

001 conception + intention

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